5 Interior Design Experts You Should Pay Attention ToBuying a good house is what we all need! A dream
house we dreamt of ever since we were kids and the best things that can happen to you is, you dream house becoming a reality. When it came on imagination, we had the most vivid idea of how we want our house to be. We could imagine it right off the walls. From the texture of the sofa material to the number of
glasses you would keep on the little bar you would have in the living room, it all added to just one thing – a dream. These dreams could be made into reality by interior designers. I have myself worked with many to accomplish my goal, and I’ve liked some and disliked some. No designer is bad, but it matters the
subjects in which they expertise as well as their imagination.

Before we talk about the top five designers, we shall talk about what designer actually comes on top – there is seriously no competition in these types of matters.

The first and foremost thing I learnt – it matters on the eyes of the client. What does it mean? It means that if you’re able to portray your ideas well, and the designer is able to understand it well – then you will definitely love him. But if you find a designer who does not understand you(even if he is he best’), there is no point of him working for you. So my point is, no one is best. I’ll try to focus more on versatility than production since everyone requires someone different.

Now, before you choose a designer, you need to identify your style and how you want things done. Usually a lot of people think the same way, and famous interior designers have their portfolios with their best works. Maybe those might suit your style and you might find your designer right then and there.

Here is someone I think is a good interior designer you could pay attention to –

Number #5

Jean-Louis Deniot

He has been featured in the top 100 interior designers. Again,
this list is not about who comes on top. Jean-Louis Deniot has a very unique
style which makes one forget about everything and adore his work. His doesn’t
design a house – he creates an atmosphere.

While we are on that, another thing you should take note of while
choosing a right designer is that you adore what they made. If you do not get
that wow-factor when you see a designed sample, or something in their portfolio
then do not work with them. The point is simple: it is a matter of opinion. If
someone stands number 1 on the best interior designers list, but he does not
suit your style – then simply do not hire him.

Up on number 4 we have PHILIPPE STARCK

The french designer, Philippe Starck, works hard everyday to make
the world a better place for everyone. According to him, it has to be ood’
before it is beautiful. He has introduced a lot of new concepts to the world of
design. His hotels are incredibly gorgeous.

On number 3 we have the

MARMOL RADZINER design firm!

This design firm offers a lot of services like designing,
architecture and master planning and a lot more. With a lot of beautiful
buildings made already, they continue to work for people and help them build
their dream place.

Kelly Hoppen

If you have not heard about her already, it is more likely that
you soon will. Kelly Hoppen is a big name in the designing industry and is
currently an author of a book named “Kelly Hoppen Interiors”. He has a very
kind career and has earned a big name for herself. Her designs are very
versatile ranging from yachts for private clients and well as small homes.

On number #1, we have Marcel Wanders

If you have done some research prior to reading this article, you
must be familiar with a design named The Knotted Chair. Marcel Wanders has got
the world’s attention after beautifully designing the Knotted Chair. He works
to ake dreams come true and to live in an environment of love and passion’.

So there we go!

5 Interior Design Experts You Should Pay Attention To