6 Home Apps That Have Helped Interior Design Enthusiasts

Today, there is an app for virtually everything in life, and when it comes to home and interior design, there is no shortage of apps. Yet, with the sheer number of apps out there, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which apps are actually worth downloading. The following are the best home and interior design apps that can be downloaded, and a synopsis of their strong points for a quick reference.


Decorator is an IOS app that allows you to take a picture of the space that you want to redo, and then you can dress the space with furniture, art, decor, and more in the app. The great part is that if you like the way the room turns out in the app, you can purchase the items that you used in the app. Decorator is only for IOS, though, there is no Android version out as of yet.


Much like the Decorator app, Wayfair allows you to take a photo of the room or space that you want to redo, then insert furniture and decor virtually to see what it would look like in your home. Wayfair also allows you to order the items you used in the app, and you can check the status of your order and everything through the app.

Ikea Place

Ikea Place is also a virtual staging app that allows you to decide which of the funky Ikea pieces would look best in your home. Another cool feature is the point and find option for furniture, which allows you to snap a photo of a friend’s piece of furniture and Ikea will identify and locate the furniture item for you. Unfortunately, the Ikea Place app does not allow you to purchase the furniture through the app at this time.


Houzz is more than just buying new furniture or wall art. You can design the room that you want to redo by drawing up actual plans, and Houzz has a complete network of contractors that they will set you up with to start getting estimates for your home project. This is more of a remodel than an interior design app, although Houzz does allow you to design furniture and decor along with major changes, like knocking walls out of your home.


If you need inspiration for designing any room in any home, Pinterest has an idea somewhere for you. From tiny homes to treehouses to split level ranch upstairs bathroom decor, if you are looking for design ideas, Pinterest is a one-stop inspiration shop.

Design Home

Out of all of the design apps, Design Home is the HGTV certified video game version. It is not for purchasing or designing the rooms of your own home, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t chock full of good ideas, and just plain fun to play. You play an HGTV interior designer who is tasked with creating the design of rooms for clients with a certain set of criteria. A warning though, although it is just for fun, this app is highly addictive. I’ve been playing this app for 2 years.

Different Options for Panels in Your Renovation

Predominantly, the interior design platform doesn’t take a step backward to provide panels for renovation. That means it has been provided numerous kinds of panels with different raw materials. Whether you’ve made a plan for renovating your home or office, you can opt for below mentioned different types of panels which can be allowed to make the home as a glamorous and amazing place. The panels in your renovation are ideal to use for transforming the look and feel in your personalized way.

To make over your room or home, you better go for cheap building materials like cinder blocks, plywood, etc. that will improve the outlook of the particular room. According to the reviews from business companies who have been popular for providing the panels for renovation, you can make use of the panels with cheap building materials such as:

• Plywood

Technically speaking plywood is looking pale but it gives durability by glued together with the sheets of wood. However, the layer is alternated to 90 degrees which strengthen the longevity of the wood. Additionally, it really looks nice and renovates the room without spending over cost. It is the perfect option to design the built-ins and shelves.

• Honeycomb Suppliers

Honeycomb Panel is one of the best panels available for renovating your room or home. Typically, it has five different layers such as Skin, adhesive, honeycomb core, adhesive, and skin. By using materials like aluminum or steel or fiberglass for skins, the panels will create a greater strength.

If applications require lightweight and high strength material panels, you better choose aluminum honeycomb panels. According to the requirements, you can design a customized honeycomb panel with particular measurements for cell size, amount of usage of aluminum material, and thickness of the cell wall. The panels will provide a wide range of benefits to users such as durability, corrosion free due to its high resistance, and greater thermal conductivity.

You can sort out the particular type from a list of available aluminum honeycomb panels included Treadplate panels, Perforated panels, Marine panels, Signage panels, and more.

• Cinder Blocks

The cinder blocks are another choice to renovate the room but it will lead to getting an industrial effect on walls and floors. To overcome this issue, you better not to coat the walls with glossy paint.

• Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic Tiles are popular for absorbing and remitting the sound. These panels will give the cool look in your room. They are perfect for sophisticated office spaces. In order to get a visual impression, you left them with unpainted.

• Cork

Cork sheets or panel not only used for framing and covering but also helps to add a visual textured surface for walls and floors as well.

These are the different panels to use for the renovation of room or home. Based on your needs, you can pick out one of the best types of panel and decorate the room with them to recreate the look and feel. Finally, panels are a suitable option when anyone wants to change the complete structure of their home or office.

What To Do If There Are No Contractors For Your Home Improvement Job?

The alternative options

Nowadays, it is not that easy to get the perfect tradesman or contractor for your Home Improvement job. Yes, the job market might seem flooded–but with highly incompetent ones who are quite unreliable.

The few available ones are either engaged in other contracts or can’t make it for some reason. You weigh your options and decide against hiring one without a license. After all, that is a path you are not willing to tread.

What is your backup plan? Do you have any alternative options?

If you can’t wait till they are available, here are some options you can consider.

DIY project management

When renovating your home, you pay your contractors to manage the manpower and materials. What if you could do it yourself?

Being a DIY project manager will slash the obvious cost; the one you have to forego when hiring a contractor or a tradesman. If you are available, you can manage your project. It can’t be that difficult.

Becoming a contractor

You don’t need a single certification to be one. Most states require you to get an operating license while some don’t. All you have to do is sit for an online, open-book exam that will test your general knowledge on construction regulation, construction terms, techniques, and safety.

If you have a general knowledge, you might consider giving it a try. The upside is that you can also earn once certified.

Projects you can manage

o Remodeling your kitchen or bedroom
o Replacing windows and doors
o Updating the plumbing and electrical services
o Interior and exterior repainting

Considering a Handyman vs. a contractor

A handyman is great for simple home improvement projects and is definitely cheaper than contractors. However, it is necessary to run some few background checks.

You can consider hiring on if you have either of the following projects:

o Electrical and light fixing.
o Drywall
o Carpentry and standard-size doors and windows.
o Sinks and plumbing
o Thermostats.

You normally pay them per hour or per project, making them cheaper than most contractors.

Hiring a sub-contractor

You don’t expect a contractor to do the manual work. All they do is use their knowledge to oversee that your project runs successfully. The people hired by the contractors have the skills required to sub-contract your project. All you have to do is choose the perfect one.

They work with you through the entire project and can offer you a variety of services.
Some of those services include:

o Construction processes
o Large equipment operation
o Concrete formulation
o Plumbing, electrical and carpentry

Consider using a contractor and Freelance Website to source more contractors

You can consider increasing your contractor search results by using some common freelance and contractor websites.

You might also be able to get better-skilled contractors due to the high competition between these firms

An entry in your browser search engine will automatically give you the results of contractors near you. You are able to view different contracting companies and the services they offer.

You can check to see what services one company offers better than the other. Also, consider the location and price factors. You can use the same criteria to choose your best freelancing contractor.

5 Interior Design Experts You Should Pay Attention To

5 Interior Design Experts You Should Pay Attention ToBuying a good house is what we all need! A dream
house we dreamt of ever since we were kids and the best things that can happen to you is, you dream house becoming a reality. When it came on imagination, we had the most vivid idea of how we want our house to be. We could imagine it right off the walls. From the texture of the sofa material to the number of
glasses you would keep on the little bar you would have in the living room, it all added to just one thing – a dream. These dreams could be made into reality by interior designers. I have myself worked with many to accomplish my goal, and I’ve liked some and disliked some. No designer is bad, but it matters the
subjects in which they expertise as well as their imagination.

Before we talk about the top five designers, we shall talk about what designer actually comes on top – there is seriously no competition in these types of matters.

The first and foremost thing I learnt – it matters on the eyes of the client. What does it mean? It means that if you’re able to portray your ideas well, and the designer is able to understand it well – then you will definitely love him. But if you find a designer who does not understand you(even if he is he best’), there is no point of him working for you. So my point is, no one is best. I’ll try to focus more on versatility than production since everyone requires someone different.

Now, before you choose a designer, you need to identify your style and how you want things done. Usually a lot of people think the same way, and famous interior designers have their portfolios with their best works. Maybe those might suit your style and you might find your designer right then and there.

Here is someone I think is a good interior designer you could pay attention to –

Number #5

Jean-Louis Deniot

He has been featured in the top 100 interior designers. Again,
this list is not about who comes on top. Jean-Louis Deniot has a very unique
style which makes one forget about everything and adore his work. His doesn’t
design a house – he creates an atmosphere.

While we are on that, another thing you should take note of while
choosing a right designer is that you adore what they made. If you do not get
that wow-factor when you see a designed sample, or something in their portfolio
then do not work with them. The point is simple: it is a matter of opinion. If
someone stands number 1 on the best interior designers list, but he does not
suit your style – then simply do not hire him.

Up on number 4 we have PHILIPPE STARCK

The french designer, Philippe Starck, works hard everyday to make
the world a better place for everyone. According to him, it has to be ood’
before it is beautiful. He has introduced a lot of new concepts to the world of
design. His hotels are incredibly gorgeous.

On number 3 we have the

MARMOL RADZINER design firm!

This design firm offers a lot of services like designing,
architecture and master planning and a lot more. With a lot of beautiful
buildings made already, they continue to work for people and help them build
their dream place.

Kelly Hoppen

If you have not heard about her already, it is more likely that
you soon will. Kelly Hoppen is a big name in the designing industry and is
currently an author of a book named “Kelly Hoppen Interiors”. He has a very
kind career and has earned a big name for herself. Her designs are very
versatile ranging from yachts for private clients and well as small homes.

On number #1, we have Marcel Wanders

If you have done some research prior to reading this article, you
must be familiar with a design named The Knotted Chair. Marcel Wanders has got
the world’s attention after beautifully designing the Knotted Chair. He works
to ake dreams come true and to live in an environment of love and passion’.

So there we go!

Interior design trends to die for in 2018

Interior design is not a static field of design. It has been a continuously changing field, paying attention on experiences rather than just appeal. Last year, was crucial in experimentation in interior design accompanied by the introduction of new design concepts and ideas. Many interior designers are now able to share their designs on social media and this to some extent has revolutionized this field of design. More interesting as well as liberal trends are likely to dominate 2018 interior design field.

More curations, as opposed to decorations, will be a significant trend in 2018. Curations give a space more customized touch compared to decorations. Designers both professional, as well as DIY, are more likely to curate spaces in 2018 instead of decorating. This change is due to the hypothesis that decorations are mainstream and leaves fewer opportunities for experiments. While curating, vital pieces can easily be incorporated as opposed to decorating the whole space. The concept of wallpapers in 2018 is likely to be a trend. Traditionally, wallpapers are sophisticated regarding details in them.

The kitchen is an integral space for humans. A widely accepted color for a kitchen is white. A colorful kitchen will be a dominating theme for most kitchen designs in 2018. More of experimental approach on a wall regarding colors is perhaps the most likely theme to trend in 2018. This colorful redesigning of a kitchen will also try to redefine the importance of kitchen in this age. Additionally, an introduction of more customized pieces will be in line with the colorful theme. These nautical pieces give rooms an aqua color and a holiday feeling. Although colorful spaces will be a notable trend in 2018, monochrome compositions are likely also to make a comeback in the interior design field. Using one color in interior design brings a sense of class.

Vintage pieces and designs will be a significant concept in 2018. People are now becoming conscious of the traditional interior designs. The classical ideas are imperative especially to a generation that is in continuous quest of expanding the meaning of spaces. Chandeliers and lanterns, for example, are great pieces in interior design mainly if incorporated with the modern interior design pieces. Brown furniture also with the saturated colors of the 1970s and retro look of 1980s will be a chase of money in 2018.
Scandinavian designs have been one of the favorite interior concepts over the recent years. This trend is likely to continue since they are simple, with vibrant bright colors. The idea of simplicity and minimalist is always fantastic design aspect when contrasted with modernity. For this reason, therefore, and this makes Scandinavian interior designs one of 2018 favorites. Although the Scandinavian minimalist designs are still popular, maximalist is likely to complement the other group of people that love bigger spaces with contraction of bright colors and prints all at the same time.

In conclusion, comfortably and experience of the spaces will define what trends and what will not in 2018. These two aspects of interior design are fundamentally crucial since people are likely to spend a more significant percentage of their time indoors. So, it is not just about the beauty but also the experience and comfort.

State of homeowners hiring contractors in 2017

Whether you are building a new home or doing some renovations, the quality of the project depends on the workforce and individual manpower. Most homeowners prefer part-time contractors to the full-time employees for obvious reasons.

Cost being the most critical aspects, contractors seems to be the best
servicemen with flexibility in service delivery. However, choosing the best independent contractors with flexible working hours to meet your changing needs can be a daunting experience.

In most cases, an independent contractor is basically a person whose legal protection can’t be waived. This means that you’re an employer with covered workers. This is not always the case in some States, and a better understanding of your requirements will exempt you from unexpected regulatory penalties and lawsuits.

Renovation Vs. New projects

Contractors basically work on any project you offer them. They decide on how and when they do the work and can employ other people to help them finish. Independent contractors
are also responsible for getting work done to the very standard in the agreed time frame. They basically own and take care of their own equipment and assets. If you’re starting a project; it’s therefore convenient and economical to consider hiring a contractor.

As far as renovation is concern, some homeowners have their home projects covered under the home insurance. This means the responsible company will provide their own contractors or full-time employees. The latter, as you may notice, provides a high-level of stability and engagement that can be hard to get from someone not
totally committed. Here, you get what you pay for and sometimes the cutting costs of hiring independent renovation contractors can lead to less productivity.

Before you think of hiring any contractor, first know the design you need for your project. Consult a designer or an architect then decide on the budget. Think about all the materials you want them used and even dig deep into the various alternatives available in the market. All these will help you to clearly describe the project you expect in the specification sheet for potential contractors.

Contract Clauses

This is a vital component that makes sure everything is documented and nothing important is left out. All the terms should be specified including the contact information, job description, payment terms and a set timeline. The timeline should clearly tell the time the project starts and ends, including the specific dates. The contractor in charge should give you the time estimate which will help in
determining the contractor’s quote.

The payment dates should also be tied to job completion. A down payment of 15-30% is reasonable as this will help the workers’ pay for their bills as they work on your project. The contractor should also be in a position to secure regulatory permits for the project. Another important specification to be made is the penalties in the case of missed deadlines. As an employer, give yourself the option to delay or deduct a given amount as a penalty for this.

Alternative option to hiring contractors

Full-time employees are some of the best alternatives to part-time contractors. The only challenge with employees is the increased cost. Also, if you are building a project at home, hiring a full-time employee doesn’t seem like a wise option. Full time-employees are quite common in large companies and business firms where
they offer a wide range of services for a long period of time.