Interior design is not a static field of design. It has been a continuously changing field, paying attention on experiences rather than just appeal. Last year, was crucial in experimentation in interior design accompanied by the introduction of new design concepts and ideas. Many interior designers are now able to share their designs on social media and this to some extent has revolutionized this field of design. More interesting as well as liberal trends are likely to dominate 2018 interior design field.

More curations, as opposed to decorations, will be a significant trend in 2018. Curations give a space more customized touch compared to decorations. Designers both professional, as well as DIY, are more likely to curate spaces in 2018 instead of decorating. This change is due to the hypothesis that decorations are mainstream and leaves fewer opportunities for experiments. While curating, vital pieces can easily be incorporated as opposed to decorating the whole space. The concept of wallpapers in 2018 is likely to be a trend. Traditionally, wallpapers are sophisticated regarding details in them.

The kitchen is an integral space for humans. A widely accepted color for a kitchen is white. A colorful kitchen will be a dominating theme for most kitchen designs in 2018. More of experimental approach on a wall regarding colors is perhaps the most likely theme to trend in 2018. This colorful redesigning of a kitchen will also try to redefine the importance of kitchen in this age. Additionally, an introduction of more customized pieces will be in line with the colorful theme. These nautical pieces give rooms an aqua color and a holiday feeling. Although colorful spaces will be a notable trend in 2018, monochrome compositions are likely also to make a comeback in the interior design field. Using one color in interior design brings a sense of class.

Vintage pieces and designs will be a significant concept in 2018. People are now becoming conscious of the traditional interior designs. The classical ideas are imperative especially to a generation that is in continuous quest of expanding the meaning of spaces. Chandeliers and lanterns, for example, are great pieces in interior design mainly if incorporated with the modern interior design pieces. Brown furniture also with the saturated colors of the 1970s and retro look of 1980s will be a chase of money in 2018.
Scandinavian designs have been one of the favorite interior concepts over the recent years. This trend is likely to continue since they are simple, with vibrant bright colors. The idea of simplicity and minimalist is always fantastic design aspect when contrasted with modernity. For this reason, therefore, and this makes Scandinavian interior designs one of 2018 favorites. Although the Scandinavian minimalist designs are still popular, maximalist is likely to complement the other group of people that love bigger spaces with contraction of bright colors and prints all at the same time.

In conclusion, comfortably and experience of the spaces will define what trends and what will not in 2018. These two aspects of interior design are fundamentally crucial since people are likely to spend a more significant percentage of their time indoors. So, it is not just about the beauty but also the experience and comfort.

Interior design trends to die for in 2018