Today, there is an app for virtually everything in life, and when it comes to home and interior design, there is no shortage of apps. Yet, with the sheer number of apps out there, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which apps are actually worth downloading. The following are the best home and interior design apps that can be downloaded, and a synopsis of their strong points for a quick reference.


Decorator is an IOS app that allows you to take a picture of the space that you want to redo, and then you can dress the space with furniture, art, decor, and more in the app. The great part is that if you like the way the room turns out in the app, you can purchase the items that you used in the app. Decorator is only for IOS, though, there is no Android version out as of yet.


Much like the Decorator app, Wayfair allows you to take a photo of the room or space that you want to redo, then insert furniture and decor virtually to see what it would look like in your home. Wayfair also allows you to order the items you used in the app, and you can check the status of your order and everything through the app.

Ikea Place

Ikea Place is also a virtual staging app that allows you to decide which of the funky Ikea pieces would look best in your home. Another cool feature is the point and find option for furniture, which allows you to snap a photo of a friend’s piece of furniture and Ikea will identify and locate the furniture item for you. Unfortunately, the Ikea Place app does not allow you to purchase the furniture through the app at this time.


Houzz is more than just buying new furniture or wall art. You can design the room that you want to redo by drawing up actual plans, and Houzz has a complete network of contractors that they will set you up with to start getting estimates for your home project. This is more of a remodel than an interior design app, although Houzz does allow you to design furniture and decor along with major changes, like knocking walls out of your home.


If you need inspiration for designing any room in any home, Pinterest has an idea somewhere for you. From tiny homes to treehouses to split level ranch upstairs bathroom decor, if you are looking for design ideas, Pinterest is a one-stop inspiration shop.

Design Home

Out of all of the design apps, Design Home is the HGTV certified video game version. It is not for purchasing or designing the rooms of your own home, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t chock full of good ideas, and just plain fun to play. You play an HGTV interior designer who is tasked with creating the design of rooms for clients with a certain set of criteria. A warning though, although it is just for fun, this app is highly addictive. I’ve been playing this app for 2 years.

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